Multi-Platform video delivery for your school’s online courses

XYZ Stream Hosting is a scalable multiplatform media distribution solution. For live streaming applications, XYZ receives a single feed of your content and has the ability to stream it to virtually any Smartphone, IP TV, gaming console, set top box, PC, other consumer electronic devices, and even social media sites like Facebook. Our cloud based VOD streaming solution securely delivers your content with the performance of one of the largest data center networks in the world via our partner Peer1. Combined with needing much less hardware for an XYZ Stream Hosting Solution, Content Providers are able to reach a fragmented consumer market more efficiently and cost effectively.

Our “Best in Class” Solutions are scalable to any size broadcaster; providing shared environments for smaller broadcasters, managed for most others, and a CDN offering for the largest of the national broadcasters with high demand/high availability requirements. XYZ Stream Hosting delivers the most advanced features sized to fit your customers needs at affordable rates with the shortest implementation times, guaranteed. XYZ Streaming Solutions work with Newtek Tricaster systems and most free encoding solutions to deliver media anywhere in the world.

XYZ delivers streaming media solutions for:

  • Radio Broadcasters
  • Television Broadcasters
  • Web Broadcasters
  • Corporate Communications
  • Schools and Universities
  • Movie and Distribution Houses
  • Music Companies
  • Mainline Delivery for Broadcast Feeds
  • Government Agencies
  • Videographers


XYZ Live & Curriculum On Demand is a state-of-the-art streaming video platform powered by XYZ Stream Hosting. The platform engine dubbed Phoenix makes it easier than ever to incorporate live classroom curriculum or other video supplements you produce into your school’s website management system. Teachers or administrators can post their content via a private online directory or link.

The platform allows for live broadcast and one touch recording for archival purposes via the XYZ Stream Hosting Cloud. Both students & teachers  can now produce meaningful class supplemental material and can even stream directly from their iPhones or iPad tablets.



The XYZ solution addresses real issues that schools and educators have, including:

·         Distant learning for students

·         Students learning at their own pace

·         Student engagement

·         Teacher accountability

·         Expanding current teacher reach and availability

·         Community outreach

·         Standardization of effective solutions

 The XYZ Solution is cost-efficient in that it provides:

·         Cross-platform live streaming recording and archiving for tablets, PC, gaming consoles, and/or mobile devices

·         Capable of archiving and cataloging links with meta data for later use

·         Easy to integrate to school websites via copy and paste code, iframe, omni link, or developer API

If you have any questions, need more information, or want to start a trial, contact XYZ Stream Hosting at 512/535-6459. We look forward to working with you in the near future.