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Mobile learning and teaching is a reality

Mobile technology is a part of every portion of our lives, and the classroom is no different.  XYZ Live and Curriculum on Demand enables educators to turn tablet PCs and other mobile devices into powerful learning tools.  Whereas pens, paper, textbooks, calculators, and chalk used to be the norm, a single device now efficiently replaces them in many instances… contributing to a true paperless classroom.

Mobile technology allows for learning on the go; regardless of user location. Mobile learning is a reality because we are now wired and in most cases “wi-fi’d” for it!  XYZ Live and Curriculum on Demand combined with your faculty creates a set of dynamic tools to educate students, parents, and even the educator themselves.


Picture above is from article: iPads for every high school student in Michigan district
By Mark W. Smith, Detroit Free Press
“ Two weeks in, teachers are just starting to explore the myriad ways they can leverage the iPad platform. Some have recorded entire lessons on video, making the lessons available to students when the teacher is out of the building — a step that avoids a day of lost instruction. If a student misses a day of class, he or she can use the iPad to see what was missed and download the assignments at home over Wi-Fi.”

Cloud streaming & video delivery for your school’s classroom or students

Video is everywhere.  The technology has permeated virtually every profession, and education is no exception.  The handheld mobile phones used by most students on a daily basis are also video-capable mobile devices with video editing tools besting many Audio/Video (AV) departments’ equipment from a decade ago.  There is hardly an education publication that does not mention the use of Skype or YouTube video among students and faculty.  Such prominent use of video results in AV and Information Technology (IT) departments playing a game of catch up with the actual group leading the technology—tech-savvy teachers and students.  If technology and education do not become more integrated, educators may become more disconnected from those who they are trying to reach—the students.

The XYZ Live Curriculum On Demand Platform delivers content to your student audience through a medium that they prefer and better relate to. The platform leverages the availability of low-cost video peripherals and on-demand cloud computing technology to begin creating courseware and/or video conferencing to educational institutions of all sizes.

Most devices reached, real-time streaming sessions and video archiving

Another benefit that the XYZ cloud-based video platform delivers to educators is expanded reach to desktops, mobile phones, and tablets with complete, real-time interactivity among all participants. The expanded reach and fully-interactive nature of this new class of video delivery enables a number of educational-specific applications. It is perfect for online seminars, workshops, tutorial sessions, video remote interpreting, and other applications where interactivity between students and instructors is required.

In a K-12 setting, personal computers, mobile devices and Internet connections already exist, and the incremental cost for adding HD webcams or streaming from iPhones or iPads via the  cloud-based service is low. On the other hand, the six-figure cost of deploying traditional, installed-site systems for a district-wide application such as this would be simply untenable in many cases.

In Summary
Video technology is everywhere and driving the demand is video-savvy faculty and students. The greatest benefit of the XYZ Live Curriculum On Demand platform is the cost reduction—today, all that is required for multipoint HD video development strategy is our online service and an HD-capable webcam or video peripheral. Other benefits may include dynamic scalable video over virtually any bandwidth, fully interactive sessions including student participation, and seamlessly integrated, advanced collaboration tools.

XYZ Live Curriculum On Demand offers affordable video delivery solutions to educational markets.


XYZ Stream Hosting delivers your schools video to the most devices around the globe. Making remote education easy fun and available 24/7

Utilizing video technology for education

MIT deploying video as a tutoring supplement. MIT uses technology to archive video for developing  class reinforcement materials find out how below.


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Why video

The adaptation for viewing video online has grown at a tremendous rate. In fact, all evidence points to a steady increase in VOD usage – more so in younger adults leveraging mobile technologies. Some schools are now issuing mobile tablet PC “iPads, or Android Tablets” to kids going to school. Technology and the delivery of media is now accessible to anyone via the Internet. Educators have the tools to bring their classrooms online in a secure cost effective manner giving their students an education enabler; bringing their schools online with XYZ Live Curriculum On Demand.

Produce online videos for your classes

Educators can easily produce thousands of proprietary exclusive videos into easy-to-watch and use clips!  Videographers can encode and produce live streaming video and record for viewing later.

Encode & produce videos with:


XYZ Live & Classroom On Demand gives teachers and students instant access to your schools recorded programs neatly grouped into convenient subject-specific categories. The Master Curriculum and Career and Technical Education collections provide the ultimate in coverage and are an ongoing resource for any high school. You can add new programs and recordings daily. Students can access your educational video from any smart phone, tablet, or pc with an Internet connection.

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